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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The time is the latter part of the 1500's. The French have been forced out of the Scottish lowlands after occupying it for 12 years. The "Auld Alliance" with France has been broken. While here in Restalrig, life is returning to normal after the Battle of Restalrig, unrest with the English simmers.

Meanwhile the Catholic and the Protestant Reformers remain at odds. And the Old religions still exist, there is talk of sightings of the Morrigu, and Druids in the forest. Travellers have emigrated to Scotland, and have set up camp out side the Village of Restalrig.

Clan Logan rules Restalrig, along with their subservient clans such as the MacLennans. Robert Logan rules the region as lord. The region is relatively well off, with game, agriculture and fishing creating significant wealth. The Logans share this wealth to an unusual degree with their constituent farmers, merchants and soldiers to reward their loyalty, especially in matters of war. The Logans support Mary, their Catholic Queen, against both rebellious clans and Elizabeth, Queen of England. To date, that has not gone well. Mary is currently Elizabeth's prisoner and Robert works clandestinely for her freedom.

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